In Great Novogate find the most ancient building


Excavations in the Novgorod Kremlin archeologists have discovered the oldest civil construction of Russia, scientists believe that they found the Archbishop’s chamber in the middle of the fourteenth century, said a source in the Novgorod archaeological expedition.

“On excavation extant buildings of the faceted (Archbishop’s cross) of the chamber first mentioned in annalistic sources in the year 1433, constructed by command of Archbishop Euthymius in 1440 and until now considered the oldest known Russian monuments of civil architecture, experts have discovered the walls of one more building,” said the source.

The height of the walls is about two meters and a half, remained in the walls, four sets, located under the walls of the basement. According to scientists, this structure can be either a “great tower”, which, according to the chronicle sources, was built for the Archbishop in 1341 at the behest of Archbishop Basil, or “palatou the stone” erected by his own order in 1350, informs RIA “news”.

Scientists are inclined to believe that they found “Polota Kamena”. Currently, the unique research facilities continues, scientists do not exclude sensational finds.

The deadline for the completion of studies is not known.

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Medicine Of Ancient Egypt

Referate, kursov, diplom, controls (poperedni pregled)

In contrast to Babylon, the gloomy home of despotism, Egypt was to the ancient world a true fortress of the sacred science, a school for the most glorious of the prophets, the refuge and along the laboratory of the noblest traditions of humanity.

Eduard Shure (“Mysteries Of Egypt”)

Egypt – a narrow strip of irrigated land stretching among the boundless Sands in the lower reaches of the Nile, supplying her with water and fertile silt. Here over six thousand years ago flourished one of the oldest civilizations of the world. The tradition of healing in Ancient Egypt was developed in close collaboration with the medicine of Ancient Mesopotamia. They had a great influence on the development of medicine of Ancient Greece, considered to be the forerunner of modern scientific medicine.


The study of ancient texts is a relatively recent development, after the French scientist J. F. Champollion solved the mystery of Egyptian hieroglyphic writing. The first statement was made on 27 September 1822, before a gathering of scientists in France. This day is considered the birthday of the science of Egyptology. The discovery of Champollion was associated with the study of the inscriptions on the Rosetta stone, found by an officer of Napoleon’s army in 1799 during the digging of trenches near the town of Rosetta in Egypt. To decoding ancient Egyptian writing, the only sources on the history of Ancient Egypt and medicine were Greek information Continue reading

The oldest Observatory of the world

The oldest Observatory of the world

The goseck circle is a Neolithic structure is unusual in Geseke (Burgenlandkreis district, Saxony-Anhalt). The goseck circle was accidentally discovered in 1991 when you survey the terrain from the plane, it was then a wheat field pilots noticed a mysterious shape. Unfortunately the time was messed up pretty much the preservation of the ancient buildings, but the restoration gave him back his original appearance.

Let’s look at him more …

The goseck circle, consisting of two log circles with three gates clearly measured in the ground, ringed by a small moat. Through these gates on certain days the sun’s rays penetrate, which confirms the theory of scientists: this Neolithic structure is one of the oldest observatories in the world.

In 1991 the plane in a wheat field in Germany was noticed a strange circular building. Scientists interested in this information and found that two of the South aisle in this building celebrates the onset of summer and winter solstice. The facility was recognized as the oldest Observatory in the world and was called “Goseck circle”. Many disagree with this and believe that within the circles of ancient people performed ritual sacrifice dedicated to the Sun.

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Medicine Of Ancient Egypt
Referate, kursov, diplom, controls (poperedni pregled) In contrast to Babylon, the gloomy home of despotism, Egypt was to the ancient world a true fortress of the sacred science, a school…


People-the giants of antiquity
People-the giants of antiquity. The remains of a giant man People-the giants - the mysterious people of antiquity, spoken of in the legends of many peoples. In the Bible they…

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