Coffered ceilings
The ARCHES AND THEIR DECORATION The square plan is the basis for the cross vault. Pure form of this arch, of four equal strikings with two mutually perpendicular axes, dictates…

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Gothic - palaces of the XV century
Gothic — palaces of the XV century In the second half of the fifteenth century Verona was like a huge construction site. Veroneses reconstructed or rebuilt their homes, were decorated…

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Mysterious structure

Mysterious structure – the pyramid

They are the first wonder of the world . they were created long before the birth of Christ. It’s been a few thousand years, and pyramids stand, time has not touched them. Pyramid . They are everywhere: in the desert, in the mountains and even on the bottom of the lake. There are pyramids in the Canary Islands . in Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru. There is a hypothesis that the proportions of the pyramids is encoded with certain mathematical laws associated with access to other dimensions. Or was it a launching pad for uimanov – planes and star ships of the legendary inhabitants of Atlantis, which in a few seconds could circumnavigate the Earth?

In 1947, accidentally flying over Central China, American pilots are about 100 kilometers from the mountains of Xian in Shaanxi province have discovered a giant complex of pyramids . the height of the largest of which is estimated almost in 300 meters, twice as high as the great pyramid at Giza . The pilots took a few pictures, they put the newspaper, then a similar photosgraphy appeared 10 years later in Life magazine. And then the giant structures, which are more than ought to be somewhere in Egypt or Central America, scientists have tried to forget. The fact that these constructions do not tally completely with thousands of years of Chinese culture. However, German researcher Hartwig Hausdorf found the diaries of two Australian traders who in 1912 in Shaanxi had a conversation with an old Buddhist monk, and he said that these pyramids are mentioned in extremely ancient records, stored in his monastery. Records about 5 thousand years, but there are the pyramids referred to as “very old, built for ancient emperors, are said to happen from the “Sons of Heaven” descended to earth on their fiery metallic dragons. “Total number of pyramids in the region exceeds one hundred, they are all made of clay, but over the past century and Millennium, the clay hardness became as a stone.

In Tibetan group includes more than 100 pyramids and monuments of various shapes and sizes, clearly oriented to the cardinal points and located around the main pyramid height its height is 6714 meters, known to the locals as a sacred mountain Kailas . And the ancient Tibetan legend says that in the far-distant times, when there was no global flood, and the North pole was located elsewhere on Earth there were “Sons of Gods”, which through the power of the five elements built a city, which had a huge impact on life on earth. Thus, we can assume that the legendary “city of the Gods” is located in the area of mount Kailas. Moreover, Nepalese and Tibetan lamas say that in this region there is a zone of so-called tantric forces. And access to this zone is permitted only “dedicated” people. Excavations of the city of Caral in the desert foothills of the Andes showed that the house of stone and the pyramid height with a 7-storey house was built here, at least 2600 years BC, roughly the era of construction of the Egyptian pyramids. In the pyramids of the Incas, which are the burials, the archeologists occasionally find a small fun trinkets of gold, more like small model airplanes. German researchers have built an enlarged scale model of “trinkets” and has fitted to it a miniature engine. It has been demonstrated that a radio-controlled plane on the basis of “sepulchral drawings” flies beautifully, performing complex aerobatics. In 1898, in one of the ancient tombs at Saqqara, near Giza, archaeologists have discovered a curious object called “wooden bird model”. In this model, the front part is really quite like a bird, but the rear was located quite unusual feathered vertical fin instead of a tail, so when placing objects in a slightly different perspective model is much more like a plane. And then one day Amateur-Egyptologist Khalil Messiha produced for the experiments of lightweight balsa wood an exact copy of the exhibit, and it turned out that “bird” is flying very well.

Mexican pyramids not inferior in size to Egypt . for example, a 60-metre pyramid of the Sun in the city of Teotihuacan near Mexico city has a base area of 200 sq. m. they are All truncated at the top, and formed on the terraces of the Mayan temples were raised, to which from the base were wide stairs. Essentially it is a huge altar, on top of which was celebrated a solemn service.

As for the pyramid Graph in due time settled and for two years he lived a French count waldek, famous for his extravagant actions. He spun a whirlwind romance with a local woman, and then, after this love adventure, returned home. They say that Voldek after living on the pyramid was in good health and died at the age of 109 years: fell under the crew on the Champs Elysees, trying to catch up with the pretty lady… the English pyramid, Glastonbury . on top of which, at the point of intersection of the lines of force, is windswept ancient tower, is distinguished by its extremely negative impact on the human psyche. An American expert in the field of dowsing Whitefish Legrain describes his meeting with the natives of Glastonberry: “Up into the tower, we found an amazing bunch: the members of a sect sang Psalms, calling for the renunciation of earthly existence. Seeing us, they began to shout angrily: “Get out! You ain’t wanted here!” But earthen pyramid on Silbury hill, the ascent to which is closed, is able, apparently, to show people all of their best qualities. To obtain permission from local authorities, a group of scientists, consisting of two British, Irish, novozelandki and the Australian, went upstairs. Once on the summit, the participants of the ascent, barely acquaintances before that, we sat in a circle, hugged each other and almost to confess to one another in love. A lady from New Zealand literally with tears in his eyes confessed to the British: “I lived in London for two days, and if delayed a little longer, it doesn’t seem to be able to leave ever!” The Irishman pulled out a bottle of whiskey, and he amounted to everything, including completely teetotal Australian, which five minutes later was offered the hand and heart of one of the Englishmen. They all felt like they were in euphoria, which, alas, has disappeared, once scientists descended into the valley.

Another original a pyramid and temple complex were discovered on the seabed near the island of Yonaguni in the Western part of the Japanese archipelago. In the spring of 1985, a local diving instructor is literally beneath the waves and saw the enormous stone monument stretched to visibility limits. Wide equal platforms covered with an ornament from rectangles and rhombuses, passed in intricate terraces cascading down the big steps. The object edge breaks vertically downwards a wall to the bottom on depth of 27 metres, forming one of the walls of the trench, extending along the entire monument. The structural members, it seemed, had absolutely certain architectural scheme, something reminiscent of the stepped pyramids of Ancient Sumer. Despite the strict geometric forms of all elements of the complex entirely carved into the rock, many scientists persistently called this building “bizarre game of natural natural processes”. They didn’t believe in television Discovery Channel. As a result, the researchers found at the sea bottom the sculptural image of a human head in a crown of feathers. Such figures are typical for Central America. Many people believe that the Monument (it became a Japanese discovery) is very similar to the coastal cliffs and is the result of a bizarre natural erosion. However, in this case mother nature, even with all its power, is unlikely to “cut” a line with sharp edges, round holes, stepped descent, perfectly straight narrow trench. Therefore, the Monument is the work of human hands. However, Robert Shoch, a Professor at Boston University, the geologist, put forward such version: the Monument belongs to the so-called “Terra-formations”, i.e., the original natural “blank” was later changed and modified by human hands. Such “Terra-forming” are not something completely unusual, and were quite common in the ancient world.

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