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The most mysterious places of the world

The most mysterious places of the world

People are always attracted by the mysterious and enigmatic place, they were surrounded by numerous myths and legends. In each country there were such places. Over time, the study of mysterious objects and ordinary people visiting them, began to make lists of unusual and mysterious places, the origin of which is not fully understood. Trying, repeatedly, to have all these mysterious objects on their popularity and mystery, people every time I get a new list. Because on our planet there are so many of these mysterious and enigmatic ancient structures that the list can be endless. We now tell you about such places and what place in the list of the main mysteries of the planet they occupy.

1. Stonehenge

According to different versions, a list of mysterious places change, but the most popular of all the variants people are invariably called Stonehenge. This place, 130 kilometers from London, is considered the most mysterious place on our planet. Stunning stone-built complex for many centuries, are hotly debated by historians and scholars. Stonehenge, described for the first time in the seventeenth century, John Orby, to this day remains the most difficult puzzle for scholars.

The results of long-term studies are still only conjectures of historians. According to these assumptions, Stonehenge was built by some super people, more technologically advanced than the peoples of the Earth in a given period of time and he served them a kind of monument for graves. Disposal there really were.

But the mystery of Stonehenge to the end no one was not able to solve.

2. The great Sphinx and the new Delhi post

On the second place like the Delhi pillar, which is part of the architectural ensemble in the Indian city of Delhi.

But the vast majority of people the second place is give a mysterious stone figure of a Sphinx. Mysterious statue carved from a monolithic rock and, due to its huge size, the Great Sphinx is recognized as the largest monument in the world, among the monuments of this type. Despite its worldwide fame, the Sphinx still shrouded in riddles and mysteries, some of which are probably not meant to be solved ever. So, still no one knows the exact time of the construction of the Sphinx, nor who and how could make this giant monument.

3. The tablets of Georgia and the city of Teotihuacan

The top three are supplemented with two no less mysterious place. They occupy the third position in different embodiments, the popularity ratings. Someone thinks this place is the city of Teotihuacan, located near Mexico city. This city is long abandoned, but people still come here to see the amazing pyramids, erected many years ago. Scientists in this case are unable to determine who was able to build these huge buildings and it was only a suggestion that the pyramids are similar in shape and size could serve as radar installations. The singularity of this assumption gives rise around this town with more questions than answers.

No less mysterious are the Tables and Georgia, which were established recently, at the end of the last century. The man who created the monument under the alias Christian, has cleared the text on the plates, as a message for future generations. These granite slabs carved with the text, aiming at four corners of the world, immediately gained popularity comparable to the ancient monuments.

Around them so many secrets and mysteries, and many people want to see this strange message for future people. There is an assumption that this is a manual for rebuilding civilization after a nuclear explosion.

4. Easter island with its mysterious figures of people

Fourth place was unanimously given to the monuments of the Moai. In this case, no accurate information. Some scientists are inclined to believe that this kind of monuments over the graves of ancient leaders, others insist that it is the image of the gods which were worshiped by the locals. And where there is no exact data, there always are born legends and mysteries arise. These enormous statues carved from volcanic rock, a magnet for people to Easter island, where they cost more than five hundred years. A big mystery is their production, because the biggest piece weighs over seventy tons. Unfortunately, more than half of the pieces on present day destroyed, but the remaining figures of the Moai still stand silently, and make people think about the past.

5. Fortress Saksaywaman and Nuraghe of Sardinia

In fifth place in the ranking of the most mysterious places on travel surveys and commentsarias historians can claim an ancient and mysterious Sacsayhuman and Nuraghi of Sardinia. Ancient fortress surrounded by a wall of rock blocks, weighing over two hundred tons each, was inhabited by the Incas great. Under the ground there are the catacombs, probably in case of war. It is still unclear how the Indians were able to build Sacsayhuaman, without any tools. Most researchers in this field are surprised by the perfect processing of stone blocks, they are fitted to each other to the millimeter, without a single slit. Such results in the processing of the stone is not easy to achieve today.

In Sardinia has its own archeological site, generating puzzles. High tower can be seen anywhere in the mountains, on the hills. Nuraghe built of stone blocks and their precise function is not defined till now. Many people specially come to Sardinia to see these mysterious structures.

6. The goseck circle

No less mysterious Goseck circle called “sun”. Many of the most common assumptions is that this structure is in the form of circles of stones and earth played the role of “solar Observatory”. In contrast to the supporters of the “solar calendar” is advanced version of the ritual use of the monument. If the Circle served as a place of sacrifice, precisely tell nobody can.

Approximately scientists have determined that the Range in Germany was built about five thousand years BC. If it really is an Observatory, then it is the most ancient of all known. This place is causing intense interest, both among tourists and historians.

After the sixth position of the list vary greatly. In some lists, go first to the Nazca lines . which remain intact in the desert to the present day, then stone balls of Costa Rica and mounds Cahokia .

In other embodiments, preferences are given to underwater pyramids of Yonaguni and catacombs Jihlava .

Some consider the most mysterious archaeological Park Kurman and ancient Observatory Nasty .

Our planet is full of mysteries and secrets, and a list of unusual and strange places we can go on and on.

Although archaeologists and historians for years trying to solve the mystery, less puzzles. Still unknown who built these enormous structures and why they were the ancient people. Our practical mind cannot give reasonable explanations for the appearance of these objects and therefore they attract us to him, and we want to look at them and marvel at their beauty and mystery. Because in our days anything like the person does not build.

Visiting any of these places, you will get an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.