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The interior is in the Gothic style

We can say that Gothic art brought together the whole of Europe, because it is the first Gothic style of all the previous developed simultaneously in many European countries. Thanks to the Gothic direction for the first time replaced the gloomy, stocky and bulky buildings of that time began to receive sophisticated facilities, skyrocketing.

The reign of the Gothic style in Europe lasts from the thirteenth to the fifteenth century. Mostly it was used in architecture, although in interior design, he has significantly different from other styles, inherent characteristic features: multicolor Gothic stained glass, huge Windows, lighting effects. The design elements emphasized vertical openwork towers have huge size.

The Gothic style originated in Paris, in 1136, it was then thanks to the efforts of Abbot Suger began the construction of the first span of the main nave of the Abbey Church of Saint-Denis. Later, in 1163, was laid the first stone of Notre Dame Cathedral (FR. Notre Dame de Paris), whose construction lasted over two hundred years.

The main distinctive features of the interior in the style of Gothic grandeur and elegance. The walls are decorated with bright colored paintings or tapestries, faced with wood – because of this, they are not just structural elements, acquire the ease. In the early Gothic style used wooden or stone floors, which were later to lay the carpet. the Characteristic elements of this style are the stained glass Windows . used in virtually all window openings. Windows are large in size and often no curtain – due to this the room filled with light. Can be used made of heavy velvet fabrics curtains.

Gothic style involves the use of solid furniture made of wood. It is desirable that the furniture was decorated with intricate carvings, and the legs had bent form. Perfect chairs and sofas with high backs that mimic the architectural details of churches and castles, velvet upholstery and curved design details and a modern copy of a massive double wardrobe will make a lasting impression.

The main colors of the interior in the Gothic style are a saturated blue, red, brown, yellow. To add contrast, use ruby, purple, green, blue-black shades. As accessories used interior wrought iron products, candles, sculptures, crucifixes, statues of chimeras. Paintings in the interior are practically not used.

The Gothic style can be mapped, perhaps, only with the Baroque – for both of them characterized by expression, brightness, paradox of. This style has become pan-European. In our time we began to perceive all pointed, elongated, stretching up as “Gothic”, this term became an international epithet, which characterize the old-steepled churches, and American skyscrapers.

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