The appearance of a Gothic Cathedral
The appearance of a Gothic Cathedral. The final phase of medieval architecture – Gothic. Unlike Romanesque churches, Gothic churches an easy, graceful and huge, they stretched in length. The RIM…

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Pyramids — mysterious structures located all over the Earth. Who built them. amazing pyramids of Egypt Pyramid structures scattered across the planet – their purpose is one of the great…

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In Great Novogate find the most ancient building


Excavations in the Novgorod Kremlin archeologists have discovered the oldest civil construction of Russia, scientists believe that they found the Archbishop’s chamber in the middle of the fourteenth century, said a source in the Novgorod archaeological expedition.

“On excavation extant buildings of the faceted (Archbishop’s cross) of the chamber first mentioned in annalistic sources in the year 1433, constructed by command of Archbishop Euthymius in 1440 and until now considered the oldest known Russian monuments of civil architecture, experts have discovered the walls of one more building,” said the source.

The height of the walls is about two meters and a half, remained in the walls, four sets, located under the walls of the basement. According to scientists, this structure can be either a “great tower”, which, according to the chronicle sources, was built for the Archbishop in 1341 at the behest of Archbishop Basil, or “palatou the stone” erected by his own order in 1350, informs RIA “news”.

Scientists are inclined to believe that they found “Polota Kamena”. Currently, the unique research facilities continues, scientists do not exclude sensational finds.

The deadline for the completion of studies is not known.

Archaeologists emphasize the need to bring excavations before the so-called mainland, no matter how long has not been studies. “It would not be desirable for any reason to interrupt the study and to fill the area of the excavation with sand to continue the excavations in “better times” when there would be more financial means and time,” the source explained.

In the case of full research unique finds, offer to hold her so-called development and subsequently make the structure available to display.

For this, scientists say, need to expand the area of research, to lower the ground level around the building found that it is harmoniously entered in surrounding complex of unique monuments of ancient architecture, including the oldest Orthodox Church in modern Russia, Cathedral of St. Sophia (1045-1050 years), as well as tooling around the drainage system.

“Of course, this is a bit early to say, but perhaps you should cover the building of a huge glass of “umbrella,” added the source.

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