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Island Castle
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The Gothic era in Europe

The Gothic era in Europe

The Gothic buildings amaze us with beauty and grandeur. As for these building people come to look at a thousand kilometers. There is in them something attractive. Gothic sculpture is linked to the growth of the same architecture, which began with the Abbey Church of Saint-Denis about the year 1130, and then spreads begin to appear famous cathedrals of Europe.

By the 13th century, Gothic architecture and sculpture had become fully developed in the cathedrals of Amiens and Reims, and later spread to major towns in Britain, Iberia and Germany. At present more and more in construction prefer a mixture of different styles, and earlier all it was in its infancy. Indeed, with the development of construction technologies, the buildings became grander and more beautiful.

The popularity of the style

The most famous era is the Gothic era. The Romans who were influenced by the techniques of the Etruscans, began the development of a Mature vaulting system in the 1st century ad, which included the barrel and cross vault. The Romans generally did a lot in architecture. This and columns, different types, and concrete it all came to us from the Romans. The cross vault is the intersection of two vaults, producing a surface, resulting in arched openings of the four the parties, and, therefore, divides the area.

Gothic style replaced the heavier style of Romanesque architecture, based on the thick stone arches, but the first area used pointed arches and cross vaults. This change coincided with the widespread reconstruction of many old Romanesque churches that were destroyed by fire.

And now the beauty of these cathedrals is surprising, because in the Gothic era such equipment as today was, so they had to put a huge amount of effort to create a work of art. I must say that in our time very popular Lancet Windows, and without the frame is not built is not one building.

Let’s say by the beginning of the 12th century, the prototypes of ribbed vaults and pointed arches had been designed in Italy in 1100. Some scientists also suggest that ribbed vault, probably first appeared in the Church of Sant ‘ Ambrogio in Milan (1060 year). As already noted, ribbed vaults, may have originated in Islamic Spain, where they appeared in the second half of the 10th century. In addition, the Gothic arch has its origin in the Islamic architecture of the Near East of the 8th century, which then spread rapidly throughout Egypt and Tunisia, Moorish Spain and in Italy. According to one version, a Gothic arch may have been used on the island of Sicily.

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