Megalithic structures Sochi dolmens

Megalithic structures Sochi dolmens

In Bonn (Germany) at the 39th session of the world heritage Committee of UNESCO, held an outstanding event: the organization discussed the importance of the Sochi dolmens. UNESCO is now “protects” 1 031 object in the world and 26 of them in Russia. 27 possible object from our country can get on the list with the title “Megaliths of the Western Caucasus”. If this happens, our dolmens will combine Stonehenge with the famous and slightly less famous circle of Brodgar. But until it happened, we decided to prepare for this event and talk about the megaliths Sochi a bit more.

SCAPP is the most famous dolmens in Sochi.

Volkonsky dolmen

On the territory of Big Sochi is not less than 180 dolmens. The maximum concentration of unique plants is located in the Lazarev district, the number of dolmens found closer to the South-East was fast diminishing. The most famous of all is the article which can be found near the village of Volkonka. It got its name because of the Princess Volkonskaya, who liked to hang around near the dolmen unspecified amount of time.

The length of the first megalith (the building of large stone blocks) — 17 metres width — 8. According to estimates, he’s about nine and a half thousand years. The uniqueness of the monument in its integrity: the chamber of the dolmen was carved in solid stone the rock of irregular shape.

In the heart of the city, in the street thieves’, is a compound dolmen. Homeland constructions is located in the Lazarev district, from where it was transported (disassembled) in Central Sochi. The first monument installed in the territory of the sanatorium “Svetlana”, and then again disassembled and moved into the courtyard of the history Museum of the resort city. The crossings could not affect the quality of the monument: the experts say that the dolmen is not fully assembled: too large gaps between the boards.

Srednerosloe era monument is a Sandstone boulder (5×5 m), in which the creators carved two seats and one bed. Also on the stone knocked out several bowl-shaped pits — all of these factors, according to archaeologists, can say that this monument was used for ritual burials. Sandstone is located near the village of Kudepsta.

In the area of the river Ashe, you can find many dolmens, though not all of them are in good condition and many were never hidden from prying hard-to-reach terrain. Quickly go over some of them. Not far from the Shapsug aul Kali — a series of dolmens in the different species. Slightly higher on the mountain Hunger covered with earth dolmen without a roof. 3 dolmen (group Copirg) found between the village and Kali Hadiko. 6 other there on the ridge Niched, and two of them are still with tubes. But perhaps the most picturesque is the village of Shepit. Interesting because it lies in the yard of a private home whose owners have long been accustomed to the curiosity of tourists.

Sholohovskoe cluster of megaliths, known as the “Valley of the dolmens”. According to various estimates here is from 12 to 32 and tiled trough-shaped dolmens. Most of the monuments are not in the best condition: only about 12 dolmens can be called intact.

Here three buildings, but let’s talk about the most “outstanding” — the dolmen-pyramid. A trough-shaped dolmen, which West side resembles a pyramid, is carved in such a way that in the days of spring and autumn equinoxes its peak shows the point of sunrise.

In 1968 it found the first three dolmen. At the moment, found the group structures of 10 of the dolmens, but archaeologists claim that the earth is at least another 20 megaliths.

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