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Pyramids — mysterious structures located all over the Earth. Who built them.

amazing pyramids of Egypt

Pyramid structures scattered across the planet – their purpose is one of the great mysteries of planet Earth, because the purpose of the pyramids and now scientists can’t accurately explain.

What is interesting about the pyramids? many researchers, visiting the pyramids, inside of these constructions of ancient people, long time, noted a curious fact, — as if the mind embraces the unity with some other reason. Happens if connect to some other network, not earthly.

According to the researchers, adopted the view that the pyramids were tombs for the ruling dynasties false. Why build such megalithic structures for burial. According to experts, it could do only a highly developed culture – a legacy from which we can see in the form of pyramids.

And another curious fact in the history of the pyramids they have on our planet in different places almost simultaneously. Like the builders-the engineers have drawings of the building of the pyramids at the same time. But how can this be. because at the time of the building of the pyramids, and it’s more than a dozen years ago, there was no global network. Communication between the continents was very, very low level. How the ancients were able to build a single structure without Intercontinental contacts.

Many believe in the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence — in the case of the appearance of the pyramids is also present the influence of extraterrestrial intelligence. Yes the researchers! They believe, to build almost identical structures on five continents — 155 in Egypt, 300 in Bolivia, and in Central America and did 10 thousand pyramids – according to the theory paleocontacts specialists could not perform the ancient inhabitants of the Earth. They obviously helped professionals extraterrestrial intelligence.

During the construction of the pyramids, the engineers possessed the same knowledge in mathematics, astronomy and also knew about the geophysical properties of the earth. Despite the fact that the pyramids have some structural differences, — however, they have one very important fact – all of the pyramid (from the first) are in the so-called places of “power outlet”.

the pyramids, the direction of mines

On the Giza plateau in Egypt is the pyramid of Khufu, is the most studied and studied the pyramid on the planet. But what can scientists say about it. – strange as it seems but very little. Only that about 4,500 years the pyramid was the tallest building. And for what purpose it was erected, what is the purpose of such huge buildings – remains a mystery in our time.

Researcher Christopher Dunne – building height of 145 meters, consisting of 2 500 000 blocks, the heaviest of which weighs 70 tons. Thousands of tons of granite were transported from a quarry located 800 kilometers from the place of construction. An impressive sight, it is impossible to imagine how people could do such work. What technology was used for this purpose. This is a huge scale of work.

According to most archaeologists, the pyramid of Khufu was built around 2 500 BC, as a tomb of Pharaoh Khufu. So about this legend. However, in the pyramid to the burial chamber was found the body of Pharaoh. There haven’t been any human remains.

Since the beginning of the last century, archaeologists took a thorough study of the Egyptian pyramids. As a result of the research, by 1960, archeologists noted a curious fact. Sealed, untouched pyramid is empty, no remains of the buried – they are empty. But how can this be. – why the empty burial chamber, if they were intended for burial. And the assumption that the culprit are plundered tombs ,is insolvent, is studied by scientists of the pyramid were still intact.

according to radio engineers, section of the pyramid similar to a modern satellite dish

As the researchers suggest, our ancestors built the pyramids for other purposes, and built pyramids from drawings received from extraterrestrial intelligence. According to fans of the theory of paleocontact, our ancestors, erecting miracles of engineering, received the inspiration from an extraterrestrial source.

This is reflected in ancient legends, which came from the ancient Mayans, from the Egyptians, from heaven descended gods, and commanded them to build the pyramids. The Egyptian God Thoth, called “the Creator of the Universe,” as the story of the local legend, it was he who gave “the project” on creation of complex of pyramids in Giza.

Pharaoh Amenhotep, under the government of which was erected the first pyramid, also said that he received the necessary information from the gods. As they say the ancient tales, the Pharaoh opened a source of information from unknown areas. And then began the construction of the great pyramids.

The complex of pyramids of Teotihuacan, its location reveals the structure of the Solar system

Now many researchers say that could not have ancient civilizations that existed on Earth independently come to the construction of structures in the form of pyramids. How could ancient cultures, who have not communicated between each other, develop common drawings for the erection of the pyramids, with almost the same sizes. Compliance with all engineering requirements. Carefully maintaining the technology built, so it was carefully designed and persistently that the pyramids are the Millennium without succumbing to the ravages of time.

According to the researchers, the proponents of the theory paleocontacts, between thousands of pyramids located around the planet there is a single alien communication. This can be proved if you look at the pyramids from the air.

At sunrise and sunset in the vernal and autumnal equinoxes, the great pyramid was seen an extraordinary mystery. Turns out she’s not 4 sides, and eight. And it can be seen only from a height — which is what happened in 1940, when the pilot of the British air force flew over the complex at this time of year.

1940 — the British air force pilot notices an unusual feature of the great pyramid, it has 4 faces.

This suggests that our ancestors not only knew about these days, and what effect they can show on the sides of the pyramid, but indicates that the engineers possessed a great knowledge in mathematics. And according to experts, this implies that the Great pyramid of Giza stands out from the crowd of such facilities. Her true form can be seen only from the air, and only on certain days and times.

How the ancients were able to create such a form, visible only twice a year, at the equinox. According to supporters of paleocontact, the pyramid was built in the center of the earth’s land. And is located almost perfectly to the cardinal directions. And the mines laid inside the pyramid, is aimed at the constellation Orion and Sirius.

Mysterious coincidence in the arrangement of the pyramids and the stars of Orion

Scientists believe that the mines were carrying the functional value – ventilation of the pyramid. But there is another opinion among the scholars. They are called “star shafts” that through them the soul goes back where it came from. And how did local people, through them the soul of a ruler just go straight to the Orion constellation, where she will become a star.

— Temple of moon, temple of Sun, temple of Quetzalcoatl, have shared a certain plan. One of the plans of the pyramid complex can be seen the structure of the Solar system. And among these complexes is viewed one feature in common, besides that complexes similar to each other — they are like the stars in the constellation Orion, the same match and the pyramids of Giza.

Looking at the pyramid, you come to the conclusion that they had a common engineer. But who was the engineer. – people of earth culture. – or is a representative of the alien cultures. Now, researchers are increasingly inclined to believe that the pyramid was erected at the behest of extraterrestrial culture. They served as beacons of space, and were once United into a single network.

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Pyramids — mysterious structures located all over the Earth. Who built them. amazing pyramids of Egypt Pyramid structures scattered across the planet – their purpose is one of the great…

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