Famous Gothic buildings
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People-the giants of antiquity
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The appearance of a Gothic Cathedral

The appearance of a Gothic Cathedral.

The final phase of medieval architecture – Gothic. Unlike Romanesque churches, Gothic churches an easy, graceful and huge, they stretched in length.

The RIM (RIB) – rib of a Gothic stone arch.

The were added – exterior stone semi-arch which transmits the thrust force to the Central NEP spurs.

BUTTRESS – an external reference column.

PENAL – pointed decorative tower.

The Cathedral was the center of public life in the city, he was a symbol of power, and were built with the expectation that the building will be able to accommodate the entire urban population, so it was very durable, resistant and lightweight.

The Gothic arches.

The LANCET ARCH is formed by two arcs intersected at an angle.

The CROSS-VAULTED ARCH is of two Lancet arch, which intersect at an angle of 90 0 .

The tower on the main facade increased in height. Windows extend the length of the transform and Lancet shape. They occupy almost all the space of the side walls. Sculpture and relief surround the whole temple from the outside entirely. In the design of the facade uses winergy and architecture.

VIMPEL – decorative gabled pediment, finishing doorways and window openings.

Gothic architecture countries.

Gothic architecture in France.

With the end of the XII century France became the center of European culture, France is considered the birthplace of Gothic.

The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

The largest Church of early Gothic architecture. This five narry the temple, which can hold 9 thousand people. Its construction began in 1163 and was completed in 1208. The West facade it has inspired many subsequent councils. The three perspectives are consistent, exalted gallery of kings, and large Lancet Windows with a rose in the middle, two towers, all the parts are decorated with pointed arches. But still heavy Romanesque architecture left: a massive expanse of walls; the tower hindering the sculptural decoration.


On the main facade is a three-fold partition vertically and horizontally.

In the early Gothic construction dominated by the horizontal, later vertical.

The second tier of the round window, rose (symbol of the underworld).

Complete the rectangular tower over the side aisles.

Gothic architecture in Germany.

A huge influence of French Gothic in German. Many masters from Germany not only studied in France, but also participated in the construction of the French cathedrals. But this did not prevent German architects to save “face”. German cathedrals in simpler terms: the vaults are the highest in Europe, buildings are greatly elongated vertically, the spires of the tower is very high. Meet odnobashennyh temples.

Built 400 years old, the height of the Central nave is 40 m, the height of the temple with towers 146 m, the height of napov 64M. The rose window of the replaced Lancet window.


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