The design features Gothic churches
The design features Gothic churches The architecture of the early middle ages bears the scars of the overall relative stagnation in the development of the economy and culture of Western…

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Structure protocivilization in Cambodia!
Found the oldest buildings protocivilization in Cambodia! "In 1998, making his way by car from Vietnam to Thailand, we were not far from the place that I dreamed of to…

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“One cold, bleak November, black and black night on a black-black car I went to the Bermuda triangle of Belarus, in Black-black castle Olshansky, known for its Black-black monk…”, begins the story about his trip Sergey Svalka. The programmer, by the way, a grown man. Thought will dispel all the myths. A-n no. Only added to the mystique and without that mystical castle. By the way, Olshansky is not a typo.

Under this name we learn Golshany castle in the novel by V. Korotkevich.

In General, the castle was built in the first half of XVII century on the orders of Paul Sapieha and was considered one of the most beautiful. But this beauty can only be guessed from the surviving ruins. More recently, tourists quietly took place in the arch, walked under the arches of surviving, he climbed the wall to make an unforgettable photos. However, often the film (who else remembers these photosdevices) turned out to be overexposed – the machinations of the Black monk.

Today on the ruins of Golshany castle is working on clearing the walls. Next, tell the Executive Committee, the conservation and the reconstruction of the only remaining North towers and the establishment there of exposure. So you can still manage to see the ruins before they will become more “domesticated” look.

…A long pause. Not written. To refresh memories, browsing the web photosgraphy of the castle. In some the time google went wild: what did, all the time jumped on the same shot. Like, nothing special, but shivers down my spine… Could be a coincidence. Maybe one of the Belarusian vertices of the Bermuda triangle.

The triangle has closed

The village of Golshany, along with the Bermuda triangle included in the Encyclopedia of mysterious places of the world. And it’s not just the castle. It is worth to visit the Catholic monastery of the Franciscan order. It can be seen from afar, yet at the entrance to the village.

During the construction of a permanently collapsed one of the walls. Then it was decided to sacrifice the first woman who comes on the scene. Centuries later, the legend was confirmed: in the wall found a woman’s skeleton. Unfortunately, the monastery, which has long been a branch of the National Museum, currently closed for visitors. “Emergency state”, – explained in Oshmyany local lore Museum. So to have only admired from the outside. “Quiet Ghost White lady”, they said with some regret of local residents.

Here, in the centre of the village, the Church of St. John the Baptist. Here you can go. And in front of the Church recently installed monument to Sophia Golshanskaya. Want to learn more about it – porassprashivat local residents. They, moreover, are willing to tell curious stories from the life of the village and its attractions.

Heading towards the castle, note the preserved Jewish quarter – almost as it looked many years ago. A little further is the Church of St. George. The youth is particularly fond of her. The fact that it kept the particles of the relics of Iolani Olshansky brought from the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. And this Saint is the patroness of youth.

Curious construction in the village – water mill. This is the third vertex of our triangle mysterious. Tourists don’t drive there, I think, in vain.

In the other side of the village – another monument. It looks like a mountain covered with forests. This site of ancient settlement of XII – XIII centuries, according to the security Board at the foot. Ah, Yes, the Museum of the Struve Arc in the local library. As a settlement, arc – another important but invisible object.

Actually, Polotsk retained the appearance of an ancient village, therefore, interesting not only individual monuments, but in and of themselves. Much designed for tourists. For example, such pleasant trifle, as the signs that where.

Action. No options

Everyone who was in Golshany day, I want to see the ruins after sunset. Having had heard plenty of legends, it’s hard to resist not to come here at night. Therefore, go nowhere, stay in the village. Where exactly two options.

First, it can be… the hotel. Yes, in the village. Small, for 12 people, but cozy. Accommodation is quite cheap, only 50 thousand per person. Secondly, the property. A little more expensive – from 85 thousand. You choose. And if in the first case the question of dinner and Breakfast is solved either in store or in cafe “Spadchyna”, in the second it is possible to negotiate with the owners about catering. The mistress of one of the estates said that it is not necessary to agree the menu in advance – will be to agree on overnight, at least roughly tell me what you would want. It and is clear: if you ask for a kebab, it still need to marinate. Shop from the pail you will not be offered.

The planned second day

You can find bikes and take a short walk in nearby village of boruny and beniuny. The first manor house Yu Karachevsky (early nineteenth century). The second Basilian monastery complex. How long does it take, hard to say. In about 30 kilometres. Stops-stops not so much.

Another option is to go to town. Buses run frequently, the ticket will cost from 7.5 to 12 thousand, 25 minutes to go – 30. From the obligatory program – the Church of the Archangel Michael and the town centre, there are lovely old buildings. Most likely, this small trip will take not much time, so you can see the village of Parish, 10 km from the district centre. Interesting the Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, built in the XIX century in neo-Gothic style, is beautiful not only outside but also inside. Tell, participation in construction took F. Bogushevich. As explained by Irina Buslovich, researcher Oshmyany local lore Museum, the Church was constructed at the expense of count Czapski, and F. Bogushevich was the founder of the Church, we have helped in the construction of the temple (e.g., collected eggs were added to mortar). In this Church Bogushevich funeral after his death, in the village cemetery are buried the family of the poet. Find the grave of Frantishek Bogushevich will be easy – it is established Stela. And in the centre of the village – a bust of the Zaire Azgur.

It would be very logical after Supran go of kushliany Smorgon district and a walk through restored to his father’s estate of F. Bogushevich, in which the poet spent his childhood years and the last days. The distance is small – 10 kilometers. The main thing – to catch the bus, because you have to go in a circle, through Smorgon, making transplantation.

Alexander Gamitin, head of the Museum-estate is the most competent and interesting guide and companion. Because for many years he lived in Caslano, not far from the house, and works in the Museum. In the Museum-estate of interest not only exposure, but also preserved the gazebo, the barn. Walking through the Park and the chestnut Avenue, you will see the trees planted by the poet himself.