Gothic for
It is difficult to find the right words to describe impressions of a Gothic Cathedral. They are high and reach for the sky endless arrows of towers and turrets, visperhof,…

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The interior is in the Gothic style
We can say that Gothic art brought together the whole of Europe, because it is the first Gothic style of all the previous developed simultaneously in many European countries. Thanks…

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People-the giants of antiquity

People-the giants of antiquity. The remains of a giant man

People-the giants – the mysterious people of antiquity, spoken of in the legends of many peoples. In the Bible they are mentioned as giants. who lived before the flood. The book of Enoch claims that they were born from the Union of fallen angels and earthly women.

The ancients giants

Want us or not, but time has preserved for us, modern people, mysterious objects of antiquity, among which are the megaliths. Retained by, and maybe we could understand something important. Megaliths contain more puzzles than answers. So, to find out how they moved the stones for these structures, one of the megaliths of the Caucasus in our time tried to move to another place. Using the most powerful cranes, transported, but the Assembly is to connect the stones together so tightly, as was done in ancient times, and failed. Then who was the Builder? And by what must have been the creators of such buildings? Ancient British traditions explicitly say that their creators – the ancients-giants who built these megaliths with the help of levitation. Ie according to these legends, they were known ways to raise these multi-ton boulders into the air.

Mystery men giants. Excavations

The names of the ancient megalithic structures themselves indicative. In Sweden they were called “tombs with corridors” in Russia, Siberia, Peru and Bolivia – “places of burial”, in Germany, Spain, Palestine, Algeria – “graves of giants”. In India it is “the tomb of the giants Ditlev and Rakshasas”. Megalith Stonehenge in England was called “the dance of the giants”. Thus, everywhere – burial, the grave giants.

Most often, the remains of a giant man under them was not found, but, given that the oldest and most common method of burial was burned, it is not surprising. In addition, even when the giants skeletons of people are found by archeologists, they usually confiscate the security services, and the information about it carefully glossed over. The traditions of many peoples talking about the epochs when the planet was inhabited by people-the giants – titans, the Atlanteans, the Lemurians, daithi, Asuras. The Bible’s old Testament speaks of it as follows: “ there were giants in the earth, especially since as sons God began to enter to daughters human, and they began to give birth to them, it is strong old, nice people ” (Gen. 6:4). In the times of the ancient Greeks, according to the Sicilian historian Diodorus (90-21 BC), people lived a giant growth. However, the global elite are not interested in information about the giants reached the General public, but because such discoveries carefully hidden. However, tangible evidence of the existence of giants there and hide them anyone will fail. Even Abbe Pegus, who lived in the XIX century, in his work “Volcanoes of Greece” wrote: “In the neighbourhood of the volcanoes of the island of Thera were found giants with enormous skulls, buried under huge rocks, construction of which, in any case, would require Herculean strength” .

And in different places on the planet there are stones that dent the imprints of human feet or hands huge size. So, in Altai the Katun river traverses a huge piece of rock in which the trace of the hand of the giant imprinted as if for him the lump was volleyball ball. In Ceylon a similar stone with the imprint of the feet of a man-giant revered as the Buddha footprint. On the plateau of the wold in Africa footprint, depressed 15 inches in granite rock and in length is 1 meter 30 centimeters, width – 76 centimeters. How tall were to be such giants, – it is needless to say, but the construction of megaliths even without levitation was quite capable. The source of their knowledge about the unknown energy of the subtle world, yet we can find only fragmentary legends of Atlantis and lost Lemuria legendary past States of the world.

Egyptian pyramids inside
Pyramids of Egypt inside Such moves are in the depths of the pyramid to the tomb of the Pharaoh The pyramid is part of the ritual-burial complex of the earth…


The Gothic era in Europe
The Gothic era in Europe The Gothic buildings amaze us with beauty and grandeur. As for these building people come to look at a thousand kilometers. There is in them…

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