Kiev Gothic
Kiev Gothic: 6 attractions Usually about Kiev it is accepted to speak as the cradle of Orthodox Russia. However, there are objects that can please and admirers of Gothic. Today…

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Hiding in the taiga Uchalinsky stone pyramid
Hiding in the taiga Uchalinsky stone pyramid Who built, when and why in a remote taiga Uchalinsky mysterious constructions – stone of the pyramid. These stone pyramids are hiding away…

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Megalithic structures

Again, the resonant frequency of most of the Caucasian dolmens is close to that value. It is also known that exposure to low-frequency oscillations close to the natural frequencies of the organs, especially the heart (6-12 Hz), can be harmful and even deadly.

Until recently it was believed that the dolmens was a ritual and burial structures, but aware of the fact that such burials are extremely rare. Previously it was explained that the burial had been robbed in antiquity. But did the ancient builders were so naive not to foresee this possibility? After all, the vast majority of buildings – a completely open structure, where there is no hint of any attempt to take measures for their protection, moreover, even if and when it were any megalithic burial inside buildings, it does not prove that the building was erected for this purpose. Guided by similar logic, one could propose the hypothesis that Canterbury Cathedral in England was built specifically to bury him as one of its abbots.

In addition, to date, rejected the hypothesis about the cult purpose of the structures.

Today, science believes that the dolmens at the time was multi-functional tool.

According to the report of the famous scientist A. Kondratova, on the small Pacific island of Malakula, part of the New Hebrides archipelago, a few decades ago the locals erected dolmens and menhirs, similar to those constructed all over the world thousands of years ago. These dolmens were shrines for all the islanders. It was believed that the leader of the secret religious Union on the island on certain days to hear the voice of the spirit of the great ancestors and asked him for advice.

In our opinion, the dolmens are not only generated the ultrasound, but radiated it in the form of a directed beam (searchlight effect), as evidenced by the design features of the dolmens. They are a flare widening in the direction from the back wall to the front. Statistical processing of West Caucasian dolmens showed that despite the diversity of sizes of dolmens, the apex angles of the cameras they have matured. That is, the horizontal angle of the camera solution was on average for 94.4°, the angle of the roof of 95.4°. An important element in the construction of dolmens, in our opinion, is also a hole in the front wall – “LAZ”. It is located on the centerline of the front wall, and at a certain height from the floor. Most common is the position of the center of the hole, which divide the front wall height in the proportion of 1:2 (bottom-up). Horizontal hole size (diameter of the circle) is most often equal to 40 cm, the Average dolmen generates directional (in the direction “looks” hole) the beam of ultrasonic vibrations, modulated sound frequency of about 23 Hz.

Holes in dolmens of the stone could be closed by special plugs-bushings. The shape of these bushings are very curious. It looks very close to the form of ultrasonic emitters used in modern technology to focus ultrasonic flow. As emitters in these devices are special ceramic plates, move the focal area of the emitter is achieved by moving this plate and the change of the cone emitters. In the old “emitters”, apparently, the main role was played by the composition of the rocks from which they were produced sleeve, and the geometry of its surface. This issue requires special study

Dolmen, mounted, for example, any strategically important place (gorge, pass) as a military installation and “running” on the right frequency at the right time, did not allow the enemies to get through this death trap, causing them to feel “self-drilling buravchikov”, and even unconsciousness and death.

It can be assumed that dolmens in principle could be used for technological purposes, for example for ultrasonic welding of jewelry. A number of ancient jewellery, in particular Celtic and Scythian made, as I suspect the experts, the application is completely incomprehensible technology of fastening small parts to the base, reminiscent of the high-frequency or ultrasonic welding.

It is known that before a strong tremor is growing tension in the blocks of rock, a process known as foreshocks (small preliminary magnitude of the quake). All of this could be recaptured sensitive acoustic instrument – the dolmen. He started to “buzz”. Priest-the observer, knowing these properties, the dolmen was declared the alarm, and the inhabitants of the surrounding villages came out of their houses on open space, drove the cattle from the barns and took other emergency measures. It may be wise for our scientists-seismologists interested in the possible role of dolmens? Perhaps our ancestors millennia ago already successfully solved the problem of short-term earthquake prediction, which today, without much success I seismologists?

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