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Hiding in the taiga Uchalinsky stone pyramid

Hiding in the taiga Uchalinsky stone pyramid

Who built, when and why in a remote taiga Uchalinsky mysterious constructions – stone of the pyramid.

These stone pyramids are hiding away from civilization and human settlements, under the dense canopy of trees.

Musinski pyramid was opened by the employee Uchalinsky tourclub child Ayrat Khisamutdinov. The pyramid has stumbled. Year 4 about the discovery is not told.

The most famous of the pyramids – four. Two “brazovskii” – one of them destroyed by vandals. The second is about five kilometers away, it is preserved, only the tip a bit battered by time, the stones covered in thick moss. Its height is 2.7 meters.

Also two Musinski pyramid (named after the nearest village) or Kyzyl-tasevska – so called mountain. Both on the slope quite high mountains covered in forests. These pyramids are at a distance of two kilometers from each other, and one has a base height of approximately 70 centimeters. Perhaps the pyramid has been preserved almost intact. All buildings oriented to the cardinal. To establish their exact age is impossible.

Even through the stone walls sprouted some trees. the Form is indeed correct pyramidal. Careful masonry. The stones are covered with lichen. The size of the pyramids small: height — about 1.5 m, the length of the base — about four. The Egyptian far. Far and age. I can’t say exactly, but thousands of years do not pull. Very simple architecture — with enough time and effort, to build such is possible even one person.

However, these pyramids is still very unusual. Embarrassed that the place for their construction selected a very awkward slope. To the top close and flat seats there is enough, and review wider. It would seem that that’s where they belong. However, like hid, at the sacrifice of ease of construction. One pyramid has already started to collapse, sliding down the slope. On top of the mountain she would be standing intact. All this mysteriously. Built in an awkward, hidden from idle eyes places, Musinski pyramid does not quite match the classic.

We have heard horror stories about the deaths of those who tried to destroy or dismantle these pyramids. As objects of material culture, they could be of interest to the archaeologist.

Director Uchalinskiy children’s tourist club Rimma Galeeva than one year leads students on hikes to beautiful places of Uchalinsky district in forests and in mountains. They had several organized tours and expedition to the mysterious attractions.

– The boys were measured in the energy pyramid – wire two meters begins to actively spin. And then, you know, after visiting the pyramids I felt very empty, as if all the strength had gone, – shares her impressions she. – One pyramid – the one that urazovskaya known for a long time – its still in 80-e years, geologists have found. But the rest I had to look.

Say, the mood of the pyramids is changing. Yes, for each person in their own way they seem to act. Someone is sad, someone called the pyramid of indescribable joy, burst of energy like this, what right do not want to leave. And some people pyramids are not allowed.

Uchaly is a town in Russia, of Republican subordination Bashkortostan. The city is located in the Eastern spurs of the ridge uraltau, 350 km from Ufa.

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