The history of the underground structures
  Underground structures were known in ancient times. They were built initially for housing and graves, in the construction of temples, then to mine stone and ore, and later for…

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People-the giants of antiquity
People-the giants of antiquity. The remains of a giant man People-the giants - the mysterious people of antiquity, spoken of in the legends of many peoples. In the Bible they…

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The greatest monuments

Greatest monuments. Mahjong

The game is ” the Greatest structure. Mahjong ” is a classic puzzle with a modern twist. Those who gets pleasure from the usual Chinese game of tiles with the use of dice, will appreciate a new game because the main occupation is still the same layout of Mahjong solitaire.

Note that Mahjong solitaire is substantially different from the game of Mahjong. The principle of construction and the mechanism of solitaire like card: given an alignment of a specific configuration of mixed plates. The aim is to completely disassemble the structure. There is a condition: when choosing a pair of plates the plate shall not be blocked by other labels on at least two sides.

Also recommend that you evaluate such a serious strategy game Civilization 5 . This is another version of the legendary Civilization Sid Meier realized in the form of games on the computer (if you’re not aware, there is a Board game of the same name). Try to evaluate the project that won the attention of millions of people.

If you have never disassembled Mahjong solitaire, we highly recommend you to do it now, because in words it may sound confusing, but the game itself didn’t have much trouble. The game is well develops attentiveness, memory and also helps to develop tactics.

However, the developers of the game ” Greatest monuments. Mahjong ” diversified classic gameplay. You will not only look for the same signs, but also to rearrange them at the same level, trying to find a pair of Neary on another, and the third to remove the plates, which are interconnected associative and even search for identical pairs among inverted. If you are confused or at an impasse, at the very tip.

The graphics of the game “Greatest buildings” is not outstanding, but very pleasant to look at. The pixels on the display with a diagonal of 20 inches will be too noticeable. Special effects quite a bit, which is good for these games: do not strain the eyes, everything is calm and measured.

The sound is also perfectly suited for such gameplay: he does not interfere and pleasantly accompanies you during the whole game.

A particular advantage may be noted the game’s storyline. From the beginning to the end the player learns the greatest works in the history of humanity: the Coliseum, the Great Wall of China, the Stone city of Yemen, the Taj Mahal, Stonehenge, the Egyptian pyramids, Chichen Itza. On each of the buildings and 19 different games. At the end of the game can be pretty good to pull history and geography, as before each new level provides a short background on the individual sights.

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