Pyramids — mysterious structures located all over the Earth. Who built them. amazing pyramids of Egypt Pyramid structures scattered across the planet – their purpose is one of the great…

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Coffered ceilings
The ARCHES AND THEIR DECORATION The square plan is the basis for the cross vault. Pure form of this arch, of four equal strikings with two mutually perpendicular axes, dictates…

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10 most mysterious places on Earth


Caño Cristales, Colombia

Caño Cristales is a river located in the Serrenia de La Macerana region of Columbia. This is not just a river, it is “the most beautiful river in the world.” Most of the year it looks just like any other river, but in a short period of time between September and November – in the transition period between wet and dry seasons – it is decked with different colors. Red, pink, blue, green and yellow colors that decorate the river – are in fact unique species of flora, growing in the river bed and giving it such an unusual view

Sanquinshan mountain is a Taoist sacred place, often referred to as the “Garden of the gods.” Consists of many interesting and unusual shape the forest of granite columns. In the frequently changing weather conditions, the area is immersed in mist for about 200 days a year, giving this earth a truly unearthly appearance. Visitors encompasses a deep and unmistakable feeling of calm and serenity in the area.

Fly geyser, USA

Fly geyser is located in the Nevada desert, is a collection of three large, colorful rock formations that are constantly shooting jets of water at five feet straight in the air. Was accidentally created in 1916 during a well drilling. It did not work properly until 1960, when heated geothermal water began to beat through wells. Dissolved minerals began to accumulate and gradually built up into large colored formations that we see today. Fly geyser is one of the most secret places on Earth, as it is located on private property in personal property and no tourists or sightseers are not allowed in this place.

Aokighara, Japan

Found at the foot of mount Fuji, Aokighara, probably the most renowned forest in all of Japan. This 3500 ha of forest thick with gnarled and twisted trees. This place is full of legends about ghosts, demons and spirits who live there. Unfortunately, this is also the second most popular place for suicides in the world. More than 500 people have committed suicide there since the 1950s.

Bermuda triangle Atlantic ocean

A list of mysterious places would be incomplete without mention of the Bermuda triangle! For those who don’t know, is a triangular area in the Atlantic ocean between Miami, Bermuda and San Juan. For many years, the area has captured our imaginations, with reports of seemingly unexplainable disappearances of planes, ships and people. No one can say with certainty what happened in these cases, but the theory is attributed to sea monsters, abductions by aliens and just weather conditions.

Moguicheng, China

Moguicheng is a desert in the Xinjiang region in China.The name literally translates as the city of Satan or the devil. Visitors are firmly convinced that they had heard some mysterious sounds from strange melodies and sounds guitar strings to baby’s crying and roaring tigers. These sounds, seemingly inexplicably, nobody has been able to find any source.

Richat Structure, Mauritania

Richat structure also known as the eye of the Sahara. The difference of this structure is visible a circular geographical feature in the Sahara desert. In about 30 miles wide, you probably wouldn’t notice that you were in it, but with the bird’s eye view – and even from space – it is very visible. Initially it was thought that it is the product of a collision with an asteroid and later people decided that this structure could be created as a result of a volcanic eruption. Nekotoraya the mystery surrounding the region – why the structure has an almost perfect circle and why the rings are equidistant from each other.

Pools Of Pamukkale, Turkey

Pools of Pamukkale are as wonderful to behold. For many years, white mineral deposits created in this area hot springs and a series of white terraces. These natural pools are blindingly white and filled with clear blue water. These strange terraced pools have been appreciated for at least 2,000 years ago, and we are confident that this miracle of nature will last for many years.

McMurdo dry valleys, Antarctica

McMurdo dry valleys may be the most sacred place on Earth. This little known area is one of the most extreme in the desert, perhaps the driest place in the world – only 4 inches of rain per year. Scientists say that the area of the Dry Valleys is probably a place on this planet that is the closest to the environment on Mars.

Roraima unusual because, instead of a peak like most mountains, its top a large plateau. Considered one of the world’s oldest geological formations, and its plateau, most likely created by winds and rains. The plateau is often masked by clouds. Has a particularly large number of endemic species of flora and fauna – species that can be found nowhere else on Earth.

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