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Great building
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Gothic architecture

Gothic architecture

When we talk about the masterpieces of ancient architecture, it is impossible not to think about the flow of architectural art — Gothic. Many believe that the term “Gothic” appeared in the Middle ages, but it’s not. It was introduced in the Renaissance to generalize all medieval art, which was considered “barbaric”. In the first years of the XIX century, after the birth in the art of the term “Romanesque”, clarified certain chronological framework of Gothic. It was divided into three temporal divisions: early, Mature, late.

Scottish castle of the Duke of Argyll on Loch Fyne (1746-89) is one of Europe’s first neo-Gothic edifices.

In the nineteenth century, the British, the French and the Germans challenged each other’s right to be considered the pioneers of Gothic, but the palm in the revival of interest in medieval architecture unanimously pass the UK. In the Victorian era the British Empire in the metropolis and in the colonies led large scale and functional diversity in the construction in the Gothic revival style, the fruits of which are such well known buildings as “big Ben” and the tower bridge.

Fonthill-Abby — the country house of the English writer William Beckford, with 100-metre Gothic tower (built in the years 1795-1813).

The main place in Gothic architecture, is a religious buildings — churches. The Gothic Cathedral is a fusion of many masterpieces. here are connected unfathomable architectural mastery, a Grand work of sculpture and the magnificence of the painting. Skyrocketing columns and finials, decorated with carved stone lacework, as if lost in heaven, swallowed up in the haze of clouds. The huge size of the façade create a feeling of space. Sharpness, subtlety and gracefulness of the forms give the building a special lightness and airiness. The silhouette of the building as if ready to take off and soar.

Fairytale Neuschwanstein (“new Swan rock”) combines the inclusions of true Gothic style with a fantastic injection of.

The Vienna votive Church is known for the sophistication of the interior décor, following the precepts of the late Gothic.

The Cathedral of our lady, the Construction 1352-1521 years

The Cathedral of Chartres, France, 1194-1220 Construction years

Rouen Cathedral, France, Construction 1145-1880 years

Lincoln the virgin Mary Cathedral, England, built from the late twelfth century to the year 1311. Before the collapse in 1549 the Central spire 160-meter Cathedral was the tallest building on Earth.

Cathedral of Saints Michael and Gudula, Belgium, Construction 1047-1485 years

One of the brightest representatives of Gothic art.

Cologne Cathedral, Germany, Construction: 1248-1437, 1842-1880. With a height of 157 meters, was the tallest building in the world from 1880 to 1884.

Nidaros Cathedral, the most historically significant Church of Norway, the place of coronation of Norwegian monarchs. The construction of the Cathedral began in 1070 on the burial place of St. Olav, who fell in the battle of stiklastadire (1030 year). The construction was completed around 1300.

Lichfields Cathedral, England, Building 1195-approximately 1400g.

The Cathedral Of Peterborough.

One of the oldest cathedrals in Britain devoted apostola Peter, Paul and Andrew.

The look we see now, the Cathedral gained only in the 16th century, when his style was added Gothic details.

One of the most famous neo-Gothic structures — the Palace of Westminster on the river Thames.

Russian pseudo-Gothic style of the late XVIII — early XIX centuries is largely a romantic fantasy on the themes of the Western middle ages, which reflect an idealized view of customers about the middle ages as the era of the triumph of Christianity and knightly tournaments.

Unlike European counterparts, Russian stylists, especially in the early period, were rarely adopted frame system of Gothic architecture, only random decoration of the facade of a Gothic decor like Lancet arches, in combination with borrowings from the repertoire of Naryshkin Baroque. In the temple construction was also dominated by the traditional Orthodox cross-supolnast. A deep understanding of the language of the Gothic architectural forms speak for long because of the great temporal and spatial distance separating the new buildings with their medieval prototypes.


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