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Great and mysterious temples of the Kama Sutra

Great and mysterious temples of the Kama Sutra

There is no doubt that the roots of the Kama Sutra are deep in Indian traditions and customs. Long since the city of Khajuraho was considered the real abode sex. A small town with a population of about nineteen thousand people, is located in the Central part of Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. This city has gained worldwide popularity for its unique architecture, where all attention is focused on the sculptures – symbols of eroticism.

It is the intimacy and sexual energy of the sculptures has led to the fact that these structures began to name not differently, as the Kama Sutra temples. Such images on the walls of temples are exclusive, nowhere, in no country, not even similar analogues. Indians are really proud of these facilities and consider them as their asset.

History the idea of constructing temples

The overabundance of sexy style when decorating the walls of the Khajuraho temples do not indicate the existence of any mysterious rites or mysterious sect.

According to ancient Indian legend, the God Chandela fell in love with the earth woman Hemavati. Wopila to her strong feelings, he descended to her from heaven. So they started a whirlwind romance. Once again in their possessions, he was sure that their child will be able to translate their feelings to be known to all men. It was built 85 temples heir of the Chandela dynasty, which symbolized love. and than people do when experiencing each other’s feelings and their daily activities – eating. hunting, agriculture, and makeup. Amid images of love scenes of the two opposite sexes, you notice, and coupling intercourse with animals, and homosexual pictures. In addition, he carved on the walls of his temple image with the rulers of the Chandela, animals, spiritual teachings, meditation, plants, dance, music, and the scene of marriage. war, love, courtship. Most Indians in those days did not know how to read, and to teach people the art of life, the life of the framework were cut on the rocks.

Until the thirteenth century in power was this dynasty. Gradually weakening and losing its influence, slowly dying and the culture of these territories. But as if nature itself wanted to protect cultural creations, concealing its mighty leaves and trunks of trees all the temples. So they have survived intact to our times, avoiding the fate of the looting and destruction of Muslim barbarians. It was during these ancient times were built dark Romanesque churches, churches in the Gothic style, and evidence of Christian beliefs.

The temples of the Kama Sutra now

With detailed sightseeing notes engineer T. S. Bertha, who visited these places in the mid-nineteenth century, a monument of sex all around the world. According to him, buildings had incredible beauty, but the sculpture were several lewd and insulting. The engineer was revolted by the capabilities of the Indian religion to take such defacing the temples. Religious buildings have been reclaimed from the jungle, work began on the excavation in these places. Bert believed that the image of such explicit scenes serves as a kind of talisman against natural disasters. Many churches containing the most erotic image that has survived to the present day. Another legend has it that the Governor just gave the order to build eighty buildings, and the scenery was laid on the tastes of the masters themselves.

A long, two-century stay in the ground, the leaves, the shadows, could not fail to affect the temples. Sorry, managed to retain only 25 out of 85. Based on their locations, all the temples were divided into three parts – Eastern, Western, southern. Southern temples are insanely beautiful to watch the sunset, the Eastern Jain temples are known for their style. But all-time popular Western churches. Here presents the most Frank and intimate image. According to an ancient legend. each sculpture of the temple was its own model. Women in the scenes taking pose, which is clear and prominent every curves of her body. All the proportions of the bodies observed.

These eight temples built in the years of greatest influence of the dynasty of Chandela are true creations of the higher force. Temples constructed on the basis of Sandstone quarried from the banks of the river Ken. Further, without the use of aqueous solutions, mixtures, rocks stacked on each other.

Image conveyed the life of Indians, the times of the eleventh century. Judging by the intense love scenes, majestic constructions, we can conclude that life in those days was full and bright.

Some images to such an extent outright that their view is prohibited by children under the age of 16.

The importance of sexual scenes

The saturation of the intimate moments all the images in the temples were not an innovation in Buddhist and Hindu iconography. Such paintings are quite common in India. But such intense emotional scenes are presented here in unified form. The question “why so much sex in images” remains open to this day. Authors suggest that on the walls of temples depicted only the everyday actions of people and their sexuality is presented only as a criterion of universal life. This explains the intertwining of the ordinary scenes of human life, in the form of housework, and at the same time sex scenes. Often in churches there was a religious ceremony. But outside their walls about sexual preference and conduct, the acts could only have imagined.

Description one of the temples of Kamasutra

The most unique structure in this series of temples is the temple of Parvati. Three majestic dome built in different styles. The first dome is presented in the form of a square tiered Buddhist pagoda, the second is the minaret of the mosque, and the third is the tower of a Hindu temple. Parvati was constructed the most recent of all the temples of the Kama Sutra

This extraordinary building has embodied the unity of the religions of the world.

What is Khajuraho for modern people?

Many people consider this town a true haven for the true creations devoted to unbridled sexual element. Quite erroneous is the opinion, that in this place reigns the debauchery and chaos. Sex for Hindus is taboo. In Indian families women strictly dressed in long outfits, they also bathe clothed, marriages are arranged according to a certain agreement (parents of the future bridegroom are carefully looking for a bride for his son, then lead long conversations with her parents about the upcoming ceremony ). Young practically deprived of the right to vote. In the cultural life of the Hindus it is also possible to notice that women live somewhat apart from men. For the fairer sex even allocate a separate place during prayer.

Surprisingly, the temples were built long before releasing from the stagnant trends of the Renaissance, which called for freedom of thought, limited in art, imposed by Church canons. The walls of temples decorated with images of gods and goddesses, courtesans and wives, the dignitaries and rulers who exude warmth, creativity and sweetness of lovemaking. Intimate scenes very ethical, colorful and elegant. These reliefs are real works of art, a real national pride of the people.

The amazing temples complex of architectural buildings that attract the spirituality in this quiet small town millions of tourists a year. The temples of the Kama Sutra enjoy the same wide popularity as the Taj Mahal. Varanasi .

Flights to Khajuraho from new Delhi are made. Varanasi. Mumbai. Strolling through the streets of the city, you’ll be surrounded by local merchants that will offer you to buy little key chains with the image of scenes of temples, large bronze sculptures, as well as a huge number of other amazing Souvenirs. Thanks to a successful tourist activity in recent years, the city has significantly changed.

Being in this amazing city, visiting these unusual graceful architectural creations, you always fall in love with these peaceful and quiet location and will long remember the beauty of this place.

Surprisingly, the number of temples built in direct proportion to the number of romantic postures, eighty-four. And the number of surviving churches, twenty-five, means the number of poses, able to make love during the night.

The treatise “Kama-Sutra” appeared as many as eighteen centuries ago in the city of Benares physician and philosopher Matasanos. This treatise encouraged to create more works. For example, the vizier of Tunis in the sixteenth century was ordered a story called “the Perfumed garden”. But “Kama Sutra” is a true beacon for the creation of any works on the pleasures of love.

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