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The highest pyramid in the world
The pyramids – the biggest mysteries of antiquity Content: If we talk about countries, where you can see this miracle of ancient architecture, the first comes to mind is, of…

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The highest pyramid in the world

The pyramids – the biggest mysteries of antiquity


If we talk about countries, where you can see this miracle of ancient architecture, the first comes to mind is, of course, Egypt – in this country you can enjoy the view of the tallest pyramids in the world.

Some tourists are more interested in modern creations of engineers and architects. And other mysterious structures, which already thousands of years old. Today, there are quite a lot of pyramids, and in order to see them, travelers ready to cross any ocean, to travel tens of kilometers in the hot desert or to fly halfway around the world by plane. Many ancient pyramids partially destroyed, but there are some who have not even fully dug up, but this does not prevent them to lead the list of places that the tour to which people would like to do in the first place.

The diversity of the Egyptian pyramids

Egypt is one of the most attractive and colorful places where people aspire to go on vacation tourists from all over the world. Choosing a travel Agency interesting tours, the first thing that comes to mind to people when they ask themselves the question: “Where to go in Egypt?” is, of course, to see the highest pyramid in Giza. Although not all and know what it is, and the fact that the pyramids in Egypt much more than we used to see in the colourful tourist brochures.

Indeed, according to the Guinness Book of world records, the tallest pyramid in the world is the famous pyramid of Cheops. It is rightly considered one of the seven wonders of the world. And if you think that these measurements are carried out solely by the definition of height of these structures, then you are sadly mistaken. A major role in determining the size of the pyramid is its volume.

The highest pyramid in Egypt built by Pharaoh Khufu in 2560 BC at the moment has a volume of about 2.5 million cubic meters. The height of this huge and historically important monument nearly 140 meters, and the length of the pyramid base is 230 meters. Perhaps these paper figures are not particularly impressive, but trust me – it’s just a huge architectural structure from two million huge stone blocks. Any guide that will accompany you in your journey in the Valley of the Kings, talk about all the historical hypotheses and conjectures, concerning the stages and method of construction of the pyramid of Cheops.

The second largest pyramid on the Giza plateau is the pyramid of Khafre. Its size of 2.2 million cubic meters. This pyramid is situated on a hill, making it appear larger pyramid of Cheops, although in reality it is not. A special attraction of this ancient structure is the presence of layers of facing stone, which is rare for such ancient architectural sites.

But the Giza plateau is not the only place where you can touch the source of ancient Egyptian culture. In dahshur is still preserved, the so-called Pink pyramid, which until the construction of the pyramids at Giza was the highest in Ancient Egypt. Its name was created by a pink hue, which at sunset becomes the limestone from which it is built. Its height today is equal to 104 meters. His appearance was due to the reign of Pharaoh Sneferu (or Sneferu), who first attempted, note successful, to build a pyramid of regular shape.

His second child was no less famous Broken Pyramid. The unusual name this building got through a shifting angle from 55 to 43 degrees. Hypotheses of this unusual architectural progress there are many, and each has the right to be recognized as correct.

Pyramids of Mexico – traces of lost civilizations

About the pyramids in Egypt, is now known even to a child. But in what country can you find similar traces of ancient civilizations? Here and many adults will think. The correct answer is in Mexico. In this country you can find the pyramids of ancient peoples – the Aztecs and Mayans, many of whom still concealed by impenetrable jungle, covered with earth or flooded.

One of the highest pyramids in Mexico is the pyramid of the Sun from the ancient Aztec city of teotihuacán, with an area of 200 meters and a height of 60 meters. Or third in the list of the highest pyramids on the planet – great pyramid of Cholula, the volume of 1,8 million cubic meters.

Mexican pyramids differ markedly from the Egyptian. At the top of the structure, they have a truncated view – terrace. Scientists believe that the ancient Maya on these terraces erected their temples. And just as in history ancient Egyptian pyramids, scientists are struggling to unravel a mystery: what is that miracle, the Indians have erected those colossal structures with contemporary technology. And the question of history and archaeology – why and for what purpose? As you can see, the reasons to visit Mexico on a par with Egypt as well.

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