The great structures



Italy. The Vatican. St. Peter’s Basilica

The Catholic Cathedral is the largest building in the Vatican city and until recently was considered largest Christian Church in the world. St. Peter’s Basilica is located West of Rome’s center on the territory of a sovereign state of the Vatican city. The history tells that on the site of the present St. Peter’s was the circus, the arena which in the time of Nero was martyred Christians.


The most majestic and most mysterious monument of Baku is Gyz Galasy – the Maiden Tower rising in the South-Eastern part of the fortress of Icheri Sheher. This unique construction of Azeri architecture has no analogues in the East. The monument, around the date of construction and purpose there are disputes, and these days attracts attention with its unique shape.

Skyscrapers above 300 m are called ultra-high. Minimum building height-a skyscraper is controversial. In the United States and Europe skyscrapers considered to be buildings at least 150 m. the First of the famous skyscraper was the tower of Babel, destroyed according to biblical tradition. In different the title of the tallest building in the world belonged to the pyramid of Cheops, the Eiffel tower, the Washington Monument. Erecting now buildings are significantly different in form and execution. They experience a race for records, the number of skyscrapers is set to the spire, the meaning of which only one – to push the highest point farthest from the earth and to make the building even higher.

the Most unusual palaces

Palace – a great monumental ceremonial building and remarkable architecture, was originally the residence of the reigning sovereign persons of the higher nobility and from the 13th century also called the building of some public authorities. The word Palace comes from “princes court”, the abode of the Prince. 19-20 centuries the palaces were called the most important public buildings (the Palace of culture, Palace of sports, Palace of youth, Palace of justice, etc.)

USA. New York. Empire State Building

The Empire state building is the tallest building in new York, the 102-floor, was built in 1931. The skyscraper is located on the “Fifth Avenue” (Fifth Avenue) between 33rd and 34th streets West. The official opening of the “Empire state building” took place on 1 may 1931. The architects of the skyscraper, chose a modest art Deco style. The entrance hall is decorated with beautiful panels depicting the seven wonders of the world, including “Empire state building”. The length of the hall reaches up to 30 meters and a height of three floors. Unusual information about various world records and record holders you can see in the “Guinness world Records”. Definitely worth to visit the observation deck located on the 86th and 102nd floors, offer views of the city. Overview of new York city from lookouts is an unforgettable experience, especially at night.

USA. New York. The Statue Of Liberty

National monument – the statue of Liberty officially celebrated its centenary on 28 October 1986. Over a hundred years ago the people of France presented the statue as a gift to the American people as a sign of the friendship established during the American revolution. Over the years, the statue of Liberty has become not only the embodiment of friendship between the two peoples, but also a symbol of freedom and democracy.

Singapore.The Marina Bay Sands

In the heart of Singapore, over the sparkling waters towers of Marina Bay Sands Singapore — Grand structure of the three 55-storey skyscrapers, topped with a giant ocean liner with an area of 12400 m2 with fantastic Park Sands SkyPark.Perhaps this is the most expensive freestanding Spa in the world.

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