Pyramids — mysterious structures located all over the Earth. Who built them. amazing pyramids of Egypt Pyramid structures scattered across the planet – their purpose is one of the great…

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The great structures
Article THE GREAT STRUCTURES Italy. The Vatican. St. Peter's Basilica The Catholic Cathedral is the largest building in the Vatican city and until recently was considered largest Christian Church in…

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Kiev Gothic

Kiev Gothic: 6 attractions

Usually about Kiev it is accepted to speak as the cradle of Orthodox Russia. However, there are objects that can please and admirers of Gothic.

Today I did what I have long wanted to do withphotosgraviroval 6 was the most colorful structures, which represent the Gothic architectural style. They all are almost in the center of Kiev, so you can easily see them during a walk around the city.

I offer fresh photosgraphy of these sites in the form of a special route – “Gothic campaign” in Kiev:).

1) Castle of Richard the Lionheart . So the people called the building in the English Gothic revival style by addressAndrew’s descent, 15. The house was built in the beginning of XX century, originally as an apartment house.

2) the house of the knight (also known as Asylum of the knight and the Castle of Baron steingel ) on the street Yaroslav Val, 1. Built in the late nineteenth century Kievan landowner – pole Michal Podgorski, where he had lived for the last two years of his life.

3) family Mansion Modzelewski . (also known as the Mansion of the family Tereshchenko ). A unique combination of Gothic with elements of Oriental style by addressShevchenko Boulevard 34. Also built in the late XIX as a dwelling house.

4) the house of the Baron Ikskul-Hildenbandt (also known as the Pink castle ), on the street Shelkovichnaya 19. Pure Gothic. Former apartment house, built in the early XX century. Today, as far as I have information, the building belongs to private company.

5) the Church of St. Nicholas (Nicholas Church ). Built in the early XX century. Its facade, it seems, is in a constant state of repair, but, nevertheless, the Church is beautiful! Today it is a House of organ and chamber music, concerts of musicians-classics. The address of the building – street red army, 77.

6) And conclude our journey in the place where everything once finished. Our last object – the Catholic gate . This is one of the four entrances Baikove cemetery, which is located at addressStreet Flannelette, 6. An inscription on the gate reads: “Beati mortui qui in domino moriuntur” (blessed are the dead who die in the Lord).