The ancient Ural mountains
The ancient Ural mountains The ancient Ural mountains firmly connected Europe and Asia. At the junction of two continents is spacious and colorful stretches an amazing edge, which brought together…

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Mexican pyramids
Mexican pyramids FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT IN MEXICO MOST people today know about the Egyptian pyramids. In America, particularly in Mexico, archaeologists also found a lot of structures such as pyramids.…

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The most terrifying places in Europe

The most terrifying places of Europe

There are many places where through the ages is preserved not only history, but also transmitted legends about the incredible residents that are invisible to us, but constantly reminding of its existence. It is about the places located in Europe and inspire fear in tourists, we decided to talk on the eve of all saints Day.

Bran Castle (Romania)

Bran castle famous for its connections with Vlad Tepes, better known as count Dracula. Vlad was – even by the standards of the XV century – an exceptionally cruel ruler, known for piercing through, not by cutting off heads of their enemies, though not to drink like Dracula, their blood. Vampire masks, blood-red wine and wooden daggers jostle for popularity in the market, located at the foot of the castle. Inside the castle wrapped spiral staircases and low doorways add to the sense of fear.

The Sedlec ossuary (Czech Republic)

It is a small chapel next to the castle, Kutna Hora contains the remains of up to 70,000 people and attracts around 200,000 tourists every year. This is largely due to the fact that the bones of these people were arranged in a bizarre art form. The interior of the chapel contains unique items such as a chandelier made of bones and garlands of skulls.

Placki, Kent (England)

Plaki is the most visited village in the UK located near Ashford in Kent. Her frequent, at least ten ghosts. Diabolical attractions include Fright Corner (Corner of fright), where a Highwayman met his untimely demise, and the Screaming Woods (Screaming woods), where it is rumored you can still hear the cries of the dead. Many of the residents of Placi fed up with the disgusting reputation of the village, however, the hordes of Ghost hunters flock here every Halloween.

The Tower Of London, London (England)

The imposing stone tower of London, according to legend, in pursuit of dozens of Royal souls, many of whom found their death in the confines of these gray walls. They include Thomas Becket, whose Ghost has been sighted here; Edward V and Richard of Shrewsbury (the Princes in the tower) which, probably, were murdered in 1483 here; Anne Boleyn, beheaded at Tower Green in 1536, and Katherine Howard, who was executed six years later.

The Hill Of Crosses (Lithuania)

The hill of Crosses is a place of pilgrimage for Catholics, which was created in 1830-ies. It is believed that it contains at least 100,000 crosses and giant crucifixes, and was described by Pope John Paul II as a place for hope, peace and love. However, hardly anyone will want to spend the night here alone.

Catacombs, Paris (France)

This underground ossuary holds the remains of about six million people. Its countless caverns and tunnels extend for 280km beneath the city and was used by the French Resistance during the Second world war. They are open to tourists in search of something terrible – the entrance can be found at Place Denfert Rochereau. Like the catacombs can also be found in Rome and Palermo.

Edinburgh castle (Scotland)

One of the most haunted places in Scotland,Edinburgh castle called the house of the phantom Piper, a headless drummer and a spectral dog. In 2001, the castle has undergone a rigorous 10-day scientific study of 240 carefully selected volunteers, using night vision devices, digital cameras and imagers, conducted an inspection of the premises. Almost half of those who participated in the study reported their observations and spooky phenomena, including sudden changes in temperature and the feeling of invisible presence, and that someone is tugging at their clothes.

Pripyat (Ukraine)

Undoubtedly, there is something disturbing the peace when talking about a Ghost town, and it’s not just an empty phrase. Pripyat in the Chernobyl exclusion zone was founded in 1970 as a town for workers of the power plant, and was subsequently abandoned in 1986 after the disaster. Tourists can now visit this place.

Roctery Borley, Essex (England)

Described as a house often visited by ghosts in the UK. Borley Rectory was built in 1863 on the site of the Church and monastery of the XII century. Popular legend claims that a monk from Borley fell in love with a nun from a nearby monastery. They planned to escape, but the elders of the monastery learned of their plans. The monk was hanged, while the nun was buried alive in the cellars of the monastery, and their ghosts still exist.

Culloden Moore (Scotland)

The site of the last battle on British soil, the battle between government forces and the Jacobites, loyal, reputedly visited by ghosts of those who died during the carnage. Ghostly soldiers are said to appear on April 16, the anniversary of the battle, and the cries of pain and the sounds of clashing swords can also be heard.

Pavela (Italy)

This island, located near Venice, was used as an “infirmary” or “plague pits” in the midst of the Black death, and tens of thousands of people are believed to have died here. The building, which was built on the island in 1922, according to local legend, was used as a psychiatric hospital. The doctor who ran the hospital, the General view was that they killed and tortured many patients, reducing their mind or leading to suicide. Ruins of buildings have survived, but the island is closed to visitors.

Metro station “Bethnal Green”, London (England)

During the Second world war, 173 people were crushed to death trying to hide in the station “Bethnal Green” during a suspected air RAID. Metro staff reported that they had heard the screams of women and children at the station.

It is necessary to say about the three creepy underground stations: Farringdon – here, supposedly, is haunted by Anne Naylor, a young girl who was murdered here in 1758; Bank, inhabited by a Ghost named “the Black nun”, and Liverpool Street, where the Ghost of Rebecca Griffiths, a former inmate of the asylums of the “Star of Bethlehem”, which was located at this station.

Pendle Hill, Lancashire (England)

In 1612, dozens of residents from areas surrounding Pendle hill were accused of witchcraft after a series of mysterious deaths. All but one were found guilty and hanged. Today, the top Pendle hill in Lancashire is a popular place of pilgrimage for Ghost hunters and frequently visited on Halloween.

They (England)

They became famous during the plague of 1665. When the epidemic hit the village, the villagers decided to isolate themselves and not to allow the infection to spread to neighbouring communities. Mysterious places of the village include the Miner’s Arms pub, where unexplained steps sometimes heard, and Eyam Hall, where the Ghost of a young maidservant of Sarah mills, who drowned in the village, was repeatedly observed.

Overtoun Bridge (Scotland)

Overtoun House is a building of the XIX century in Western Dunbartonshire known for a strange phenomenon. According to local residents, it affects the arched bridge that guards the entrance. Since the 1950s, dozens of dogs have leapt from the bridge to the waterfalls, located at 15 meters below one every month. The most plausible explanation is that the strong odor of mink urine, detected in the bushes under the bridge, luring the dogs and led to their death, but in this version believe not all.

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The most terrifying places in Europe
The most terrifying places of Europe There are many places where through the ages is preserved not only history, but also transmitted legends about the incredible residents that are invisible…

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