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It is difficult to find the right words to describe impressions of a Gothic Cathedral. They are high and reach for the sky endless arrows of towers and turrets, visperhof,…

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The Cathedral Of The Holy Cross


It is difficult to imagine a European city that boasts of so many attractions of the Catalan capital – Barcelona – Review: the Sights of Barcelona (Spain) – the City that always smiles!. The most interesting places to visit are really a lot, with the most diverse. Kind of attractions I’d say Central square of the city Plaza Catalunya, and is a popular tourist place as the boquería market -a Review: the Market of “La Boqueria” (Spain, Barcelona) – a Very colorful market in Barcelona!. and the famous Rambla – Review: Las Ramblas (Barcelona, Spain) – the Most famous and picturesque street in Barcelona.

If we talk about the architectural masterpieces of Barcelona, then of course it is impossible not to call the world famous Cathedral Sagrada de Familia, as well as slightly less well known, but also deserving of your attention due to its unique buildings La Pedrera and Casa batlló, which if you want you can read my reviews about Spain.

In my opinion, it is an amazing architectural masterpieces of the Catalan capital, built by the talented architects such as Antonio Gaudi and other, can be called one of the trademarks of this city.

The masterpieces belongs to another magnificent building, located in Barcelona’s Gothic quarter is the Cathedral of the Holy cross and Saint Eulalia. This Cathedral is considered one of the most beautiful buildings of Barcelona.

It is the Cathedral of the Holy cross and Saint Eulalia or what it is called Cathedral, or the Barcelona Cathedral is the main Cathedral of Barcelona, and the residence of the Archbishop of Barcelona. I think if you ask the tourists visiting Barcelona, what they believed the main Cathedral, many call famous Sagrada de Familia, but it’s a dream. The Cathedral of the Holy cross and Saint Eulalia is dedicated to Saint Eulalia of Barcelona, which is one of the patroness of Barcelona.

The construction of the Cathedral began in 1298 on this place earlier there was a Romanesque Cathedral. The construction of the Cathedral of the Holy cross and Saint Eulalia was completed in 1459, but the construction of the main facade and main dome was completed only in the late 19th century.

Although the Cathedral of the Holy cross and Saint Eulalia is a Catholic, in 2006 it was made an Orthodox moleben before the relics of Saint Eulalia, revered in Orthodoxy.

In my opinion, the Cathedral is unique. on one side he will amaze you with its medieval grandeur,

on the other hand, the Cathedral has a very fine architectural details.

as well as slender columns and flying at the height of the spires-turret.

Gorgeous and the interior of the Cathedral. Here you will see the sculpture of Christ,

according to the legend which adorned the nose of a galley of the Catalan fleet and to help during the famous battle of Lepanto.

Also in the Cathedral you will see a huge body, 25 beautiful chapels, a beautiful 14th-century altar and numerous stained glass Windows, thanks to the Cathedral illuminated by a bright light.

Very advise you to climb the dome of the Cathedral, then Barcelona will open you a completely different side.

I was very impressed by the Cathedral of the Holy cross and Saint Eulalia thirteen white geese

the existence of which is visiting the Cathedral I didn’t know who I subsequently learned glorify the Holy Eulalia.

To enter the courtyard of the Cathedral, known as the cloister, you need to go right from the main entrance to the Cathedral, there is the opportunity to get through the Porta de Sant Sever from the Chapel called Santa Lucia. Also here can be reached via Port de Santa Eulalia (as I did) or via Port de La Pietat. On the patio among the magnolias and palm trees you will see the source of St. George who is the patron Saint of Catalonia. Next to it there is a beautiful pond, supplementing the courtyard of the Cathedral. Decorated the courtyard with various plants and trees


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