The appearance of a Gothic Cathedral
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Structure protocivilization in Cambodia!

Found the oldest buildings protocivilization in Cambodia!

“In 1998, making his way by car from Vietnam to Thailand, we were not far from the place that I dreamed of to get a very long time, and I want to tell you. Moreover, today more and more people visit these places and more stuff comes online. Almost no one today does not have accurate information about these unique places of Power. And to have her.

Unfortunately in the second half of the 20th century were destroyed almost all the testimonies, archives and the keepers of the antiquities… Those monks who survived — were in Thailand and Myanmar, where I first heard about ancient unknown civilizations of the forerunners in this region.

Legends about the ancient Angkor I had already collected.

But Angkor as a little drawn to ancient culture, rather, someone tried to repeat the structure of the more ancient architects… And here I stumbled upon them! Since 1996 I occasionally was lucky enough to be in southern Cambodia, where I gathered information.

By that time, I had already the base of observations from our own studies conducted in India.

So I aimed, of course, digging information in this direction.

So, 1998. Our conductor is an experienced small told me that not far in the jungle is a pyramid. We went to Angkor and Okami the pyramid of speech was not… was Intrigued… But. Not only that, there was mined all around, the red Khmers were hanging out, duck, even the weather is not raspolahaly to climbing on the jungle… the Risk, as it turned out was more than I expected… we even ran into a group of stoned guys with guns… But this part of the story is not related to the story we put.

In short, of 6 people of the group got to see the pyramid in the woods, I and a friend with a guide… in Literally just a few meters away from the muddy road I saw the ruins of the Hindu and other (!) pagodas, through which, apparently earlier were all pilgrims, bringing their offerings to the gods, to something ahead…

90% they consisted of banal vulcanoid from which to build the Foundation of virtually all ancient structures.

The structure of this material is awfully short-lived… So they fit into our goals. A bit of carving and sculpture of the same period. So all this is Neto, I am looking for… But… my Skepticism crumbled as soon as I saw the first stones in the foundations of these ruins…

And as everywhere in the buildings 800-2500 years, were clearly visible slabs and stone pieces obviously machining or working with the solution that our ancients used as a building material to reinforce the structure!

Measurements showed that it was the same technology of stone dressing, which I encountered in Central India, and is identical to information from Egypt that I got from friends who visited there. These rocks are clearly of ancient buildings on the Millennium…

Plate at the Pyramid. Clear traces of the milling?

Very similar to the defects in the grinding block cutter.

The thread or Solution?

And then it seemed altogether a fantastic picture of a South American stepped pyramid! Koh Ker. And it is the world Buddhist pagodas! I was shocked. We have managed to climb the pyramid.

We found on top of a deep pit. I felt there was an obvious energy background.

(photos mine made later by the authors allaboutcambo)

I had a feeling that this place of power is sealed And it is not the time for us to penetrate it. But will come the time, and we will be available information component of this place. But it is impossible to rush. I know perfectly well that every place of power, has its own rules and forces.

People must be worthy of this discovery, to have certain features and rules to follow, so “the box opened”. You first need these rules to understand and prepare. Naturally, from that day on I continue to study everything connected with this complex.

In the monasteries, where I am, I collect all possible information about this lost city. Of course this place has become my Mecca and I went back there in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2008, 2009, 2010. Conducted measurements with new introduction, tested new equipment, and conducted several studies. Periodically I began to visit there, the benefit of living in Thailand, interested in possible data about these objects all whom it is possible to find. Unfortunately at the moment about these monuments and written tells, in my opinion, completely wrong information.

Very similar to the situation with the pyramids of China, in which the emperors themselves were placed.

The Temple Of Beng Mealea.

Before reaching the pyramid 30 km in the jungle I found a ruined temple by the earthquake. And what!

That kind of precision, the mounting of the stones I didn’t see myself a single time. Only photosgrafiek the ancient temples of Egypt and India and! The temple itself is built perfectly with an acoustic instrument!

Perfectly flat walls and right angles!

Nekakogo binder solution. No cracks. The stones were fitted is not clear how! We noticed that in the remaining buildings the sound travels perfectly. Hear each other everywhere, even if you speak quietly. When I began to read the mantra — all effect is stunning happened.

This is what I later told the monk: “According to legend here was the state of monks in the 50.000 (!) people and the worship were audible throughout the County far from the monastery.” Of course, the main proof of antiquity of construction is the direction of collapse!

The walls shifted from a nuclear explosion. Or shifting continental plates…

This earthquake there have not been recorded in our history never. Neither in the Scriptures nor in the legends! And the impact was so strong that I broke down and super lasting attachment! During the war it was the headquarters of the Khmer Rouge. On the walls are clearly visible traces of shrapnel and splinters. Mass of craters. I even found (I think) the place hit the wall of the PGR.

No modern deliver has no impact on the ruins. Stunned! Watch and think. Precision machining balusters amazing. 3-4 mm to 20 balusters! At Angkor tried to repeat… But I couldn’t!

Even should not compare… In my opinion the stone was processed mechanically, and with a huge pressure of huge incisors, complex profile. Still, even moss can not gain a foothold on these surfaces!

Conclusions: According to my calculations, it turns out that the pyramid of Koh Ker and Beng Mealea was built at the same time with all the megalithic constructions of pyramids and temples in the world in the period 12000 — 14500 years ago. UNTIL THE LAST MOVEMENT OF CONTINENTAL PLATES — BEFORE THE FLOOD.


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