Attractions Of Spain
Sights in Spain - the megaliths Historical background. In the literal translation from Greek the term means "big stone". The term is not scientific and therefore in the group of…

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Medicine Of Ancient Egypt
Referate, kursov, diplom, controls (poperedni pregled) In contrast to Babylon, the gloomy home of despotism, Egypt was to the ancient world a true fortress of the sacred science, a school…

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The frescoes in Lublin

The frescoes in Lublin: the Orthodox presence in medieval Gothic Church

In the Polish city of Lublin you can see the unique Orthodox frescoes. They are in the chapel of Lublin castle. After long neglect and prolonged restoration of the frescoes again Shine with the splendor and delight of believers, lovers and tourists.

These murals transform the Catholic chapel of St. Trinity in the phenomenon of the European scale. The fact that she built in the Western, the Gothic style, but painted according to the canons of Orthodoxy.

The chapel is built in the middle of the XIV century Polish king Kazimierz the Great (1330-1370). This king was the great-grandson married in Poland the Princess of Turnovo dynasty Asana, but this is not the only Bulgarian “trace”. Choose the frescos – the case of Bulgarian and Russian artists. Two of them – Cyril and Yushko – wrote their names on the walls of the temple. And the name of the main artist – master Andrew, who managed the painters, carved on the dedicatory plate. This inscription tells that the painting of the chapel, ended on August 19, 1418 g (matter of days before the feast of the blessed virgin Mary), made by order and at the expense of the Polish king Wladyslaw Jagiello.

But I was looking for Bulgarian icon-painters in the Polish city of Lublin?

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The oldest Observatory of the world

The oldest Observatory of the world

The goseck circle is a Neolithic structure is unusual in Geseke (Burgenlandkreis district, Saxony-Anhalt). The goseck circle was accidentally discovered in 1991 when you survey the terrain from the plane, it was then a wheat field pilots noticed a mysterious shape. Unfortunately the time was messed up pretty much the preservation of the ancient buildings, but the restoration gave him back his original appearance.

Let’s look at him more …

The goseck circle, consisting of two log circles with three gates clearly measured in the ground, ringed by a small moat. Through these gates on certain days the sun’s rays penetrate, which confirms the theory of scientists: this Neolithic structure is one of the oldest observatories in the world.

In 1991 the plane in a wheat field in Germany was noticed a strange circular building. Scientists interested in this information and found that two of the South aisle in this building celebrates the onset of summer and winter solstice. The facility was recognized as the oldest Observatory in the world and was called “Goseck circle”. Many disagree with this and believe that within the circles of ancient people performed ritual sacrifice dedicated to the Sun.

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The most mysterious places of the world

The most mysterious places of the world

People are always attracted by the mysterious and enigmatic place, they were surrounded by numerous myths and legends. In each country there were such places. Over time, the study of mysterious objects and ordinary people visiting them, began to make lists of unusual and mysterious places, the origin of which is not fully understood. Trying, repeatedly, to have all these mysterious objects on their popularity and mystery, people every time I get a new list. Because on our planet there are so many of these mysterious and enigmatic ancient structures that the list can be endless. We now tell you about such places and what place in the list of the main mysteries of the planet they occupy.

1. Stonehenge

According to different versions, a list of mysterious places change, but the most popular of all the variants people are invariably called Stonehenge. This place, 130 kilometers from London, is considered the most mysterious place on our planet. Stunning stone-built complex for many centuries, are hotly debated by historians and scholars. Stonehenge, described for the first time in the seventeenth century, John Orby, to this day remains the most difficult puzzle for scholars.

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Temples in honor of the God Chronos
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The ancient Ural mountains
The ancient Ural mountains The ancient Ural mountains firmly connected Europe and Asia. At the junction of two continents is spacious and colorful stretches an amazing edge, which brought together…

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