Patom crater
Patom crater is one of the most mysterious places on the planet. General information about the Patomsky crater Patom crater is a conical hill of crushed limestone, located in the…

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People-the giants of antiquity
People-the giants of antiquity. The remains of a giant man People-the giants - the mysterious people of antiquity, spoken of in the legends of many peoples. In the Bible they…

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The oldest Observatory of the world

The oldest Observatory of the world

The goseck circle is a Neolithic structure is unusual in Geseke (Burgenlandkreis district, Saxony-Anhalt). The goseck circle was accidentally discovered in 1991 when you survey the terrain from the plane, it was then a wheat field pilots noticed a mysterious shape. Unfortunately the time was messed up pretty much the preservation of the ancient buildings, but the restoration gave him back his original appearance.

Let’s look at him more …

The goseck circle, consisting of two log circles with three gates clearly measured in the ground, ringed by a small moat. Through these gates on certain days the sun’s rays penetrate, which confirms the theory of scientists: this Neolithic structure is one of the oldest observatories in the world.

In 1991 the plane in a wheat field in Germany was noticed a strange circular building. Scientists interested in this information and found that two of the South aisle in this building celebrates the onset of summer and winter solstice. The facility was recognized as the oldest Observatory in the world and was called “Goseck circle”. Many disagree with this and believe that within the circles of ancient people performed ritual sacrifice dedicated to the Sun.

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The 10 most puzzling ancient artifacts

The 10 most puzzling ancient artifacts

In the Bible it says that God created Adam and eve just a few thousand years ago, but from the point of view of science, is nothing more than a fairy tale, because humanity has a few million years of existence, and civilization – a few thousand. But is it possible that the accepted science is wrong as the Bible? The fact is that there are a significant number of archaeological finds testifying in favor of the fact that the history of life on Earth can be far not such as it is described in books on Geology and anthropology. To take at least the following examples:

Corrugated sphere

For several decades, miners South Africa digging mysterious metal spheres. Their origin is unclear, the diameter they are about an inch and some have three parallel groove etched around the equator. The found areas are divided into two types: one is made with a solid bluish metal with white streaks, others hollow and filled with a white spongy substance. But the interesting thing is that the rock in which they are found, were formed in times of cryptozoa, ie 2.8 billion years ago! Who created them and why – is unknown.

Stones Drop

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Mysterious structure

Mysterious structure – the pyramid

They are the first wonder of the world . they were created long before the birth of Christ. It’s been a few thousand years, and pyramids stand, time has not touched them. Pyramid . They are everywhere: in the desert, in the mountains and even on the bottom of the lake. There are pyramids in the Canary Islands . in Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru. There is a hypothesis that the proportions of the pyramids is encoded with certain mathematical laws associated with access to other dimensions. Or was it a launching pad for uimanov – planes and star ships of the legendary inhabitants of Atlantis, which in a few seconds could circumnavigate the Earth?

In 1947, accidentally flying over Central China, American pilots are about 100 kilometers from the mountains of Xian in Shaanxi province have discovered a giant complex of pyramids . the height of the largest of which is estimated almost in 300 meters, twice as high as the great pyramid at Giza . The pilots took a few pictures, they put the newspaper, then a similar photosgraphy appeared 10 years later in Life magazine. And then the giant structures, which are more than ought to be somewhere in Egypt or Central America, scientists have tried to forget. The fact that these constructions do not tally completely with thousands of years of Chinese culture. However, German researcher Hartwig Hausdorf found the diaries of two Australian traders who Continue reading

The oldest Observatory of the world
The oldest Observatory of the world The goseck circle is a Neolithic structure is unusual in Geseke (Burgenlandkreis district, Saxony-Anhalt). The goseck circle was accidentally discovered in 1991 when you…


The most mysterious places of the world
The most mysterious places of the world People are always attracted by the mysterious and enigmatic place, they were surrounded by numerous myths and legends. In each country there were…

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